EPISODE 9: Diversity & Inclusion Q&A

Getting to know, Vanessa Eriksson, SVP, Chief Digital Officer & Board Member.

EPISODE 9: This month I had the honour of speaking with SVP, Chief Digital Officer & Board Member, Vanessa Eriksson.

We explore Vanessa’s inspiring career journey to date, the challenges she has faced along the way and the evolution of the Chief Digital Officer role.

Vanessa shares great insights on how she successfully anchored an exciting data strategy in only 3 months, along with effective methods you should look to implement when setting your own data/business strategy.

We delve into the responsibilities of a Board Member, how the process looks to becoming Certified, exam preparation and the mindset shift required.

Vanessa shares her powerful top tips on:

  • Overcoming the nerves of public speaking and using people like Dr. Amy Cuddy for inspiration.
  • Preparing a gripping presentation.
  • Finding a mentor & the importance of this.
  • Getting through a tough day.

& much more!

Check out our full video interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVpenXlsGlM&feature=youtu.be

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On a mission to create a diverse, data-driven universe.