The Importance of Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is so important as it helps reduce stress and prevent burnout.

It’s something I have personally struggled to manage, especially during lockdown where I found myself unable to switch off, feeling guilty for taking breaks (even missing breaks) and still working on my laptop until 11pm (I have to say I do absolutely love my job, so to me, I didn’t see it as much of an issue).

However, after speaking with my network, I realised I wasn’t alone in feeling this way and started to understand the importance of rest and allowing your mind to switch off (without being consumed by guilt).

Wanted to share some of the top tips that I’ve found has increased my productivity:

🌟Have set work hours and stick to them 🌟

  • Plan your day the night before, set achievable goals.
  • Prioritise your tasks, timebox, keep disciplined.
  • I’ve found creating that creating a To-Do list helps me (Microsoft To Do)

🌟 Learn to let go 🌟

  • Firstly -> This is by no means easy and I’m still learning.
  • Step away from your emails/laptop after ‘core hours’ and over the weekend. If you are struggling to go cold turkey, take baby steps, timebox 15 mins over the weekend to work through & then switch off. Self-Discipline is key!

🌟 Set time aside for you🌟

  • Give yourself daily breaks to relax and enjoy yourself.
  • This allows you to not be concerned about what others are thinking and relax your mind.
  • Reward yourself with days off if high priority tasks are achieved.
  • Exercise daily! This helps to maintain a positive/productive attitude and releases those feel good endorphins.

🌟 Learn to say no 🌟

The Power of No takes a fresh approach to becoming masterful at using ‘no’ to say ‘yes’ to life. Grounded in both practical and spiritual wisdom, James and Claudia take the reader on an unexpected journey that explores a variety of ways we prevent ourselves from being fully present in the here and now. Their book is filled with magic that can change your life if you’re brave enough to follow their lead!” Cheryl Richardson, author of The Art of Extreme Self-Care

Taking the above into consideration, here’s me yesterday attempting to ‘switch off’ with a well-earned day off to unleash my inner Harry Potter nerd! 🧙‍♀️

The magical distractions certainly made it a little easier to stay away from my e-mails & LinkedIn, although, I did show a few moments of weakness…Not everyone is perfect, right?

‘Work smarter, not harder’ — I’d love to know how you are achieving work/life balance?



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